Frank Wagoner
Frank Wagoner for City Council
Other  projects.

Get City and State, and people living  near the freeways involved on projects to lower the sound levels near the freeways.  Many trees were removed by the city and nor replaced. They were put there to diminish sound and help with air quality. 
City Projects,

On city projects, give notice to all lake forest business's before others.
This will not be giving preference in a way that means accepting bids for projects while paying more.

On road work projects, require installation of conduit sections in ground to prepare for Fiberoptic cables. Or what ever method would accomplish the same goal of getting fiber opticables in the ground.
If lake forest had firberoptic service to residences, customers would be getting 33 times the speed while spending less.

 I thought it is funny how City Council member James Gardner and his friend Martin Anderson are quick to put down others they know nothing about. For some reason they think only they know what happens in the city, yet they ignore anything not supporting their distorted views. Example they ignored the amounts spent on the recall being $133,000 by really only one person.  The term Lake Forest residents can also mean the number 2.

For some reason Jim Gardner is not aware the council meeting videos are available on the city website. Does he not know there is a camera present at the meeting he attends?
He failed to get an animal shelter put in Lake Forest. No one will tell me how much that would have cost to build or maintain. A small park only cost $3 Million so far. Animal shelter would probably cost more if the city is involved.

Why does he put down city council members for not attending OPTIONAL events. A city council member position is not a full time position so a member cannot be expected to attend every event, business opening. That is probably why he could not get things done. Quit pretending to be a council member,  and read what you sign, and get thing done without blaming others.

And as for a person being interested in helping the city they live in, that has nothing to do with the amount of the money they spend. In my opinion people who spend money to get elected typically seem to want something in return on their investment.