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     The job of Council member pays $704 as compensation for the time at meetings and the additional research time to prepare for topics under discussion at meetings..

 Sorry if this disappoints anyone, but I am NOT accepting any campaign contributions in any form, not even a sandwich. If you are interested in helping, you just need to forward this website page to others who live in Lake Forest. If someone does not have internet access, print the things you find interesting and give them a copy.

     Now lets look at the campaign contributions for Adam Nick
according to state records, he has put $152,000 into his election Campaign???? I was blown away when I found this out. $152k??
Is he planning on buying the election?
If I read the California Form 460 correctly, he took out a loan of $100,000 for the election.   Guess someone has to pay that back with interest.
See for your self here are the links.   Filing period 1/1/2016-6/30/2016  and for other prior campaign disclosures at

As a business man, I would expect that he would need to some how get reimbursed in some form for that large sum of money. So decisions would be in his interest when needed.
He is also appears to be supporting Leah Basile. As such I find I cannot trust her.
Mr Jim Gardner,  a daily writer of articles concerning corruption and how Lake forest city hall is up for sale