Frank Wagoner
Frank Wagoner for City Council
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 Who Am I?
    I have been a  Lake Forest  for at around 26 years.
    I am not super rich. I am not in dept, have not paid any interest in almost 20 years.  I have never been charged with a crime unless a speeding ticket counts.
    I do not drink or smoke. Zero interest in that.
    I snowboard
    Hobbies - Snowboarding, welding, horticulture,  swimming laps at gym cannot do that due to snowboarding injury :(
    I live with my wife in our home.
    My wife is from Chile. She speaks Spanish and english. She learned english in 3 years. She is smart and very goal oriented. She also does embroidery.
    We have two cats.
    We have 14 citrus trees, 3 avocado trees, 3 Apple trees, 1 cherimoya tree, and some there plants. 
    On the citrus trees and avocado trees we have / are grafting additional uncommon varieties that are better than what is available in stores or nursery's. Also 12 varieties of grapes.
   I also put in a raised vegetable garden for my wife. The soil to fill it had to be trucked to my house. If I had used a normal pickup truck it would have taken 22 trips.
    People typically ask how big my yard is to have so many plants. Normal size, 55x 110 including the slops in back yard. We just know how big the plants need to grow without wasting space.
     I am on the Orange County Board of California Rare Fruit Growers.
     My business deals with computer , hardware, software.

 Photos of me.

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