Frank Wagoner
Frank Wagoner for City Council

This will be where I will be commenting o council-member  Jim Gardners use of to post National Inquirer style posts.

In high school, I took classes on journalism. I grew a dislike for yellow journalism .

It always amazes me then I hear the amounts people spend to get elected to "help the people". I already know the people who will be helped once in office.

For example, Adam Nick is possibly going to spend $152,000 in this election to get a job he will not get paid for. That sure goes against his occupation of business man / accountant /  real estate developer. Since he started running for Political offices, he has spent around 1/4 MILLION DOLLARS?   59K+152K+20k+20K+other amounts

I find it funny candidates typically spend as much of other people money as they can to get elected. 
That statement seems to make them perfect to be a politician. 

Then they make more rule everyone BUT them have to follow.

I am against all tax increases.  The government has enough money.
But they always want more to spend. And we get less in return.
And you hear of competitive bidding on government jobs?
Ever wounder why we still pay many times more for a project to be done than normal?
Easy way for friends of politicians to be guaranteed a job with high bid.
  1) Make one of the specific requirements in the bid be something only the friend can do. Like requires a specific machine on job.   
  2) Get local bid with friend, the rest long distance bids.

 A No Kill animal shelter cannot exist without incompetence
1st off I like pets
We have 2 pets that were rescues, 1 was a rejected rescue. Someone had returned it as a bad kitten.  The other cat was abused by prior owner. It does not like to be petted.  We have been working with both and have made good progress. The neighbors want to know why our cats are so friendly with new people.

Our prior cat of 18+ year pad to be put down. Two years prior it was diagnosed with an eye issue that caused pressure build up in the eye. The cat was prescribed with medication daily 3 times more than humans take. Eventually, the cat had to have its eye removed due to pressure.  The 2nd eye had similar issue but lesser degree so remove needed, but was blind in remaining eye .  Difficult decision quality of life vs age/ blind. After eye removal he survived for one year. We had to give fluid injections daily. 

It is a bummer the career politicians want to make this a BS issue.

I saw a lot of the BS papers  distributed by the Adam Nick / Leah Basile / Jim Gardner puppet team Campaign.

The call the OC animal shelter a "high kill shelter".

They state they will create a "No kill shelter". Common sense  immediately says that is impossible. Animal shelters always will receive animals that are, too injured, incurable diseases (click for info) crazy, old and dying.... 
So to state "no kill" is a lie.
The 2nd issue I see is they want to cancel the contract with the county. But they do not have any location to put an animal shelter in lake forest.
They state they would open up adoption places in lake forest in multiple locations.
      Who is going to pay for all that?
      Problems - Zoning, animal shelters are not supposed to be close to other business for a reason.  Imagine a warehouse district.
      Stray Animals brought in, fleas go next doors. people get strange diseases. Noise. Good luck working with barking next door, or even a few doors down.

Were they unaware there are pet adoption groups at most pet-smarts on Saturdays.

Interesting, no where in their fliers, pamphlets, websites to they promote adoptions. That is just because they will promise the world to get elected. 

Then I looked at the evil "high kill shelter"

I looked at the number of animals taken in.
I looked at the chart posted on their site as to the breakdown on number of kills.


I wanted to know the different reasons and numbers of animals put to sleep
I wanted to know then numbers of animals that have to be put to sleep.

Also, keep in mind the OC animal shelter serves 17 city's. NOT just Lake forest.

Most categories are understandable as to why an animal had to be put down.
I did not understand LOC and too young.
so I asked I got:
I then asked some more questions. I am waiting for the responses.

So from what I see , the high number is fresh born kittens too young to survive.  and a couple hundred for LOC problems.

If the people running for office actually cared, they would be using their "power" to fix the problem, not make excuses .
no mention of places like
I find it interesting to note, the great Jim Gardner, who writes articles 1 to 2 times DAILY complaining about things or misleading people. Never mentions any of the above. 
He, Jim Gardner who is an advocate to "stop using the 'high kill ' shelter"
As an advocate of this cause , he gets attention by trying to fix the problem. If the problem is solved, he would have to shut up.  I do not think he wants to shut up at the expense of animals lives.

I did laugh at a BS statement he made on Oct 28 2016 on he stated he " a local veterinarian who is willing to transform his veterinary practice into a local no kill shelter. " I have worked for vets as computer tech. The offices are not that big!!! a shelter mush house a lot of animals.  That a BS political statement. It sounds good when read, but when you think about, it is a no go.

I have noticed He never seems to mention how much an animal shelter would cost the city.
Being that the simple park REMODEL at the duck pond ( Ridgeroute and El Rond ) is costing over 3 million dollars I have wo wonder the cost of buildings and land. Are we talking about 5 million dollars? plus yearly  staffing costs.
Staff Estimate - not counting retirement, insurance, other city employee costs.
 Vet $91,000 to $124,000
Support Staff 5 x  $30,000  = $150,000

Now how I would approach a problem like this.
1)  What is the main goal ? - Save the animals.

2) What is needed to accomplish this?  More responsible adoptions of Abandoned / Rescued animals.

3) What blocks this?  Younger animals preferred, High Maintenance animals, people not understanding how to properly care/ control animals, Cost concerns . Unwanted births, Not vaccinating pet or protecting from fleas.

4) Possible solutions, more volunteers days to cover in large groups how to train / modify behavior.
cover topics like stop kitty from scratching, animal pooping / peeing on floor ........ . Leverage space in the monthly Lake Forest newsletter the city puts out.

5) Show low cost solutions for animal maintenance / purchases possibly work out deal with some retailer / maker.  Help find deals on chipping pets to avoid loss. Make a cost sheet available with numerous vets listed. Create review / vet recommendation system so people can hear from others how a vet was. 

The above is not limited to what I typed. It is just the start.

As a city council member,  the above should be an easy task. Unless a person just devotes all their time complaining it is someone else's  fault.  It is great someone has a passion for something unless it becomes an obsession.

To me , it appears the Jim Gardner Ideal Solution is to "break " the contract with the Orange County animal shelter. I am curious how much the city would be on the hook for if that happened. NOT counting the cost of buying land and building / staffing an animal shelter in the city. Would it cost $5 million to build and $500,000 to a Million annually to staff?
Again, The animal shelter proposal was voted down mainly because He, nor the city staff could locate a viable location. There was a park that was considered , but the land the park was on was donated by some one specifically only allowing its use to be for a park.

When that failed  he then proposed creating a pet storage facility with Vets  where he estimated (guessed)  startup costs of $152.000 and that it would be self sufficient. The city staff researched the proposal and estimated startup costs to be between $296,500 and $363,000 provided facility is in compliance with start laws and Humane society recommendations.  The city staff could not agree it would be able to support itself.  The city employees reviewed the proposal consulted with professionals familiar with setting up animal shelters. The staff found the data proposed so wrong, the response was 52 pages long. It is attached here. feel free to read it. He estimated the storage location to contain between 4 to 20 animals per day. The staff estimates space required would be 1900 to 2500 sq feet. On the legal side of the proposal, What would happen if someone received an animal in "good health" who had a communicable disease which ended up infecting all other pets in the household resulting in death. I did not see mention of such a lawsuit scenario in the proposal.
The proposal expected money from pet license fees as main income source. It proposed income to the Licensing revenue, including cat licenses. ( Cat Licensing is optional in California) 

Why are we not trying to work with the city animal shelter? Because it is a marked as a high kill animal shelter? Why not help trim that amount down.
Why are we not promoting education and putting money into lowering the owners costs for education?
I only see limited education attempts. On the city website, it says consult leisure times.

Well , I guess we can always take tax money from other stuff like fixing the roads.