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The system can be changed.  We do NOT have to accept what is given.
Just because Someone is not charged with a crime , does not remotely mean they are innocent.  Any why are the not charged ??? They get to be above the law.

Locally, The Councilman Adam Nick in 2014 was stopped at 1:40AM for failing to stop behind the limit line at the red arrow. Minutes before this, He was observed having an acquaintance pickup campaign signs of a person Adam nick disliked. Ignoring the signs issue.( I have a large part of another page devoted to that)
Lets look at the traffic stop. So to my limited understanding, he ran a red light at 1:40 AM. He was NOT given a ticket for it? I do not know anyone who just got a warning for running a red light. Someone could be killed from running a red light. But he gets a warning was it because he was a city council member who knew the Lake Forest sheriff  dept boss? And the stopping officer said the sign activity was suspicious???  No ticket issued. Was even a written warning given?

Now lets switch to a topic most people are tired of.
Some people may hate me for bringing this up. But it shows the most blatant above the law example.
The Hilary email scandal.  If that occurred at most company's she would have been charged with multiple counts of company property theft.

Her Job was Secretary of State.
To my understanding that job is mainly talking to people, corresponding with people, facilitating things to be the presidents foreign affairs advisor.  Her product would be documents produced while working the job for 3-4 years.
These days most correspondence is done with emails.
So when she began the job, the 1st thing done was pay someone  to setup an email server off government property to use for all here email communication while on the job. (below I have issues with setting up an email server)  WHY? Stated reason was so she would only have to have one communication device. ???? but according to some info I read, she had used 12 different smart phones, some Ipads, and a few other devices to access her email server.  So that BS is a lie to me.

For 3-4 years all emails and correspondence were sent and received from this remote computer. According to PUBLIC information there were only 55,000 emails on the server.  if 261 work days in the year, that means over 4 years she on average received only 55 ONE PAGE emails per day.  The Job was Secretary of state and ONLY 55 email each day? I get that amount as a normal person!. With 180 countries, many staff under her?  and Only 55 per day?  My 1st question where are all the rest? We will never see them unless the server copies possessed by the hackers or countries release them.

When she left he job she did not offer the emails for her secretary of state to the person replacing her. The new person had to start over with dealing with the 180 countries.?

If I worked at a company, with most of my work being with documents, and everyday I took home the documents to leaving them there I would be obligated to return them upon leaving the company.  If I never told anyone I was storing them at home, and the company found out 4 years later, The police would be called an criminal charges file. The Company would request the police obtain a search warrant to search all my properties to find the stole company paperwork documents. I would be charged with multiple counts of theft of company property. One count per page in my possession.   My attorneys BY THEMSELVES  would NOT be allowed to review the documents destroying (deleting) what they feel like. BOTH sides  attorneys would review each document together. Eventually I would probably loose everything  I own and be in jail.

But not a rich or "power " person. It seems charges never get filed.

?? Setting up a private email  server is not a simple thing long them. Hackers / scammers constantly attempt to break in. I speak from experience I have set them up in the past, and had my own. To properly maintain an email server, updates and patches must constantly be maintained, sometimes modifications must be made before a patch is issued to block a newly accessed opening discovered. You must constantly monitor the user access loge looking for questionable accesses. Even then this can be useless.   If someone manages to gain access to the system typically they setup an user account with compleat remote access.   They then access the now authorized full access user deleting their hacking tools and any traces if being hacked.  The common way to detect such an intrusion it looking at access logs looking for unusual activity like large file transfers.   But as super user those could be modified.  I was told by a tech person I used to know, at a mortgage company near RSM their servers were compromised for at least 6 months. The company had over 140 employees at that location.  How may personal loan documents would a company of 140 process?
After this was brought to the attention of the high ups, the company dissolved without informing customers or employees of the breach. Again Power people getting away with stuff.

I had ZERO doubt the Clinton server was hacked possibly hundreds to thousands of times. If I had received an email from her, I could look at the source  headers, and attempt to  get location and server operating system info. If I knew nothing, I would google the server operating system name and the phrase crack or hack. There are many times simple instructions on how to hack some of the simple server setups.

She had stated she NEVER send any secret documents through the email.  ?? what was  her job title. Secretary of the state. Secret is in the job title. communicating with the president plus 180 countries 4 years and no secret documents?  If so everyone else knew she could not be trusted so never sent her important stuff. OR her lawyers deleted all incriminating evidence.

Her excuse was I made an error in judgment. here error was not destroying the server, eliminating the evidence.  She uses to be an Attorney she knew what she was doing.

I do not take Marijuana  But when cops do crimes and not get charged this is a bad precedent. 
Santa Ana police busting a Marijuana selling business. 
Selling medical use Marijuana has been legal in this state for a while now.
Many cities enact zoning requirements to block business form being started. Santa Ana only limited the number that could be selling.
A business fighting this opened up in Santa Ana. The Santa Ana police raided the business with guns drawn, knocking down the door, tearing out security cameras, eating some of the drug laced products.  
I had a couple of issues. If any other business opened in non zoned location it would have been handled differently.
In this state it is legal to sell medical marijuana . The police officers are state employees.
officially the federal government states it is illegal to sell marijuana ( while it is legal in the USA capitol of Washington DC) So if it is a bust by the federal government were there federal troops there?
In a Medical Marijuana dispensary., EVERYTHING had the marijuana chemicals in it.  It is the purpose of the business. Not to sell health bars every normal store sells.

To me
Cops bust in storm trooper style.
Cops damage stuff
Cops intentionally disable any recording of what they are doing.
Some cops get caught ON hidden VIDEO testing the quality of drug sold .
cops endup getting charged with taking a candybar without paying for it.
Sure justice was NOT served.
Cops learned they need to destroy evidence better when committing crimes themselves.

Again, no real accountability

All police / sheriffs / cops should be wearing tamperproof  video cameras.
If charged with a crime it should not be my word against his. it should be his against mine and the camera. It should be proving I committed a crime, not me proving I did not.  Humans have the ability to lie. everyone is human but the camera.