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This will be where I will be commenting o council-member  Jim Gardners use of to post National Inquirer style posts.

In high school, I took classes on journalism. I grew a dislike for yellow journalism .

It always amazes me then I hear the amounts people spend to get elected to "help the people". I already know the people who will be helped once in office.

For example, Adam Nick is possibly going to spend $152,000 in this election to get a job he will not get paid for. That sure goes against his occupation of business man / accountant /  real estate developer. Since he started running for Political offices, he has spent around 1/4 MILLION DOLLARS?   59K+152K+20k+20K+other amounts

I find it funny candidates typically spend as much of other people money as they can to get elected. 
That statement seems to make them perfect to be a politician. 

Then they make more rule everyone BUT them have to follow.

I am against all tax increases.  The government has enough money.
But they always want more to spend. And we get less in return.
And you hear of competitive bidding on government jobs?
Ever wounder why we still pay many times more for a project to be done than normal?
Easy way for friends of politicians to be guaranteed a job with high bid.
  1) Make one of the specific requirements in the bid be something only the friend can do. Like requires a specific machine on job.   
  2) Get local bid with friend, the rest long distance bids.

 This section is for empowering people to get things done without relying on others.

Talk is Air
Action gets Reaction.
For issues with the city of lake forest go to the Ask Lake Forest section of the cities own  site.

click on login.  if new user choose create account. 

Once you have logged in find appropriate dept and send issue / complaint to. 
Since this a documented complaint in writing, the powers that be usually respond to get issue corrected.
I was amazed at the number of things already in the list to report on.

I personally like people to complain that Cox has a monopoly and we want other options like Google Fiber.
Eventually the wheels will start turning.

How to train your cat to not get on the counters or tables. Plus you can train the cat to NOT go under the bed or in the closet. I asked Jim Gardener on his favorite site to make up facts  this question and He had no clue. He had no clue why this would be useful. He thought it was a joke people would be concerned with such an issue.  Some people want cats as pest but are worried of damage to furniture. Identify the problem , locate the solution.

I will post a video link here soon.


How to make inexpensive stable steps for a sloped hillside?
Here is what I made:
video coming soon

Look up a Corporation status , agent for service of process in California


Mailing something and missed the 5:00 pm post office cut off?
The Postal substation in the Rite Price pharmacy in the Home Depot Parking lot at Eltoro and Rockfield typically has a pickup around 5:30 making it the latest postal pickup in Lake forest. 
The Mission Viejo post office closes at 6 pm M-F  located at 28081 Marguerite Pkwy, Mission Viejo, CA 92690 ( behind Mission Viejo mall next to saddleback collage.
If you miss that, and still need to mail out that day , you will have to go to the Post Office on Sunflower and Susan street Near the Santa Ana Ikea and the 405. They close at 7 pm

Public Records Request for Orange County


Lock your car and house doors !!!!! Even during the day when you are home.
Is someone in your neighborhood sitting a car looking around ?

Criminals do not just steal  stuff at 1:40 AM. They can do it all day when victims guard is down. 
There has also been a number of people taking packages people ordered. And with holidays , thieves just have to walk around a neighborhood delivering fliers taking note who has security cameras, then deliver fliers just behind the postman while picking up packages they deliver.