Frank Wagoner
Frank Wagoner for City Council

ZERO Dollar
Apparently running for city council is expected fro cost from $1000 to $152,000 to get a $11 an hour job
The most striking is the amount  of money incumbent council man Last year Adam Nick was prepared to spend up to $152,000 . Who says you cannot buy city hall.
 This year He Apparently did spend over $132,000 to pay for the recall.
Last year I violated "Gardners Law" when I received 6862 votes while NOT spending any money

Cox Cable Monopoly

When I had the compleat cox package I think I remember bills of $200 or more.

The term I use to describe COX pricing is rip off.
If customers beg they can get a 6 month promotion to save a few $. Then it would jump up again. In some parts of Irvine, Google Fiber is offering internet a and TV for a fraction of what Cox charges us. imagine 100 mbits internet for $50 instead of Cox's option of 6 mbits for more. With Google fiber - For $50 you get 500 mbps,  $70 gets 1000 mbits For $130 you get 1000mbits AND TV channels. With Cox, you are expected to pay $153 for 300mbit internet only.   That is the fastest they offer according to the squirmy cox rep I spoke to. "great deal"  only 2x the price for 1/3 the speed.  At the rate for the you would pay $510 for 1000mbits w cox should they offer it. ATT / Land line telephone company not willing to replace the bad wires in the ground.  Good luck U verse customers the telephone company wires in the ground for many parts of lake forest are over 30 ears old . The wires useful life is rated at 20.

I am told Cox owns the wires in the ground and there is nothing we can do.
There is ALWAYS something that can be done.
Eminent domain allows for profit company's like Cox to place boxes on my property with out compensating me, effectivity taking part of my property. Why does it not work in reverse to them?
Why are conduits ( hallow tubes) placed in the ground when ever a road is being worked on. It would save money later when the city ads fiber optic cables under ground.
There are many options. None are considered possibly because someones pockets get lined with $$s.

Check back for the updated webpage tommorrow. !!!

A normal resident should finally be on the city council.

I Question things that do not make sense, which in the case of the city is a lot. Why did the city pay $1750 to mount a camera on a tripod????? Why Did Adam Nick pay $132,000 for the recall ? How big is the return on investment? Why is everyone on council silent on this? Why is the city hall / civic center taking more time to build than the 22 story buildings in Irvine?  Why are many streets with cracks are getting a thing coat (again) that just cracks the next day?  All council members are silent, even the one keeps typing articles every other day. Listen to what is NOT said Look for that.  
From my experience as a small business owner and 25 plus years resident of Lake Forest I understand the city. I know many people living here, and over the years have heard many issues that concern them.

As a resident, I find many people in power have no clue what normal people really want.

The city currently does a great job on many things. Response times for most issues are good
But some problems are ignored
Examples Cox cable monopoly, Telephone company not wanting to replace bad telephone lines to residents address. 
Overgrown vegetation /or trees hindering use of sidewalks
Vacant business locations.
In my experience I find when I submit  questions to the City through website Ask Lake Forest website, only about 1/2 are responded to before being closed.

Since I am not friends with anyone on the council, my decisions are not being influenced by others just to help a friend.
Since I put NO money into election nor did I accept any, NO ONE is pulling my strings.

I do not hold a grudge against any council member for a decision they made in voting. Everyone has their reasons. Many council members, and some of their supporters seem to hold grudges a lot and then they make decisions based on spite instead of what is good for the community. Then they vote against the good of the people.  Then Again there are also those who are obsessed about some pet project unwilling to look at alternatives or solutions that may be a better fit for the city.

Lake Forest Recall.

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Any suggestions for better wording would be appreciated
I am doing almost everything by my self.
If I cannot get elected by my self, how can someone expect me to handle a job paying less than minimum wadge.
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Plants in the center of streets??
While it may be nice looking to see plants in center of streets what is the maintenance costs ???
 Why does it seem trees on sides of roads are not being replaced when removed, while additional plants are being added to the center of the street?
What happens when an animal living in the middle of the road runs across traffic?