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1st  let me state I hate . ( yes HATE ) plastic. It takes up to 10,000 years to chemically break down. Has a short life compared to other options. Has a VERY short life for packaging uses. Cannot truly be recycled. Current recycling does not break plastic down but mixes it up with new plastic and formed into generally non food related products. Plastic generally has issues with the sun. Plastic will continue to contaminate the environment.

At one point every human will have plastic in body from just breathing and drinking water.  Oh wait that has already happened. Soon there will probably be " acceptable levels of plastic in a persons body.   A lost of plastics are confirmed to cause cancers if exposed to long term. 

Seagulls eat plastic thinking it is food. It goes to their stomach and stays there. 90 percent of seagulls have plastic in their stomachs. Many die from starvation because stomach is full of plastic.  from 1950 to 2010 the worldwide seagull population has decreased by 67%. <click there)
How plastic affects birds.<click there)

Now back on topic of the plastic bag BS law.

The law requires retailers to charge for plastic bags they gave for free before. The stores keep the money.

What is wrong with the law?
No incentive by the stores to stop offering plastic bags. They get to make money on selling the plastic bags.
The stores are the purchasers of the plastic bags. They choose type, quality,...

The law should be changed to :
If the store distributes plastic bags made of biodegradable materials which beak down quickly then the store can keep any money collected on the bags. I would even like to add making that money tax free. = more incentive to be distributing environmentally friendly bags.
If the stores continue to use plastic bags, then any money collected would have to be given to a clean the environment fund.

That could accomplish more than annoying customers with higher costs while polluting the environment. It would make it in stores best interest to have earth friendly bags. 

If you think the plastic bags pollute the environment think of all the products purchased to go into them , the milk container, the potato chip bags, cookie bags, plastic around meat, bread, some produce, plastic bags cereals are in, many more. . At least I can use the plastic bag for other stuff. The covering food and other products come in are truly single use.  Their amounts far outweigh the measly plastic bag. 

The biodegradable industry needs more incentives to become cost effective. It is still a small industry and economies of scale have not been achieved as of yet. .
To me biodegradable products are a necessity of life. We cannot keep just burying or tossing into the ocean the plastic.

It is sad when obviously politics watered down a good intentioned law making it worthless. It actually creates an incentive for stores to sell more plastic bags as it is a profit item now instead of a loss.