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This will be where I will be commenting o council-member  Jim Gardners use of to post National Inquirer style posts.

In high school, I took classes on journalism. I grew a dislike for yellow journalism .

It always amazes me then I hear the amounts people spend to get elected to "help the people". I already know the people who will be helped once in office.

For example, Adam Nick is possibly going to spend $152,000 in this election to get a job he will not get paid for. That sure goes against his occupation of business man / accountant /  real estate developer. Since he started running for Political offices, he has spent around 1/4 MILLION DOLLARS?   59K+152K+20k+20K+other amounts

I find it funny candidates typically spend as much of other people money as they can to get elected. 
That statement seems to make them perfect to be a politician. 

Then they make more rule everyone BUT them have to follow.

I am against all tax increases.  The government has enough money.
But they always want more to spend. And we get less in return.
And you hear of competitive bidding on government jobs?
Ever wounder why we still pay many times more for a project to be done than normal?
Easy way for friends of politicians to be guaranteed a job with high bid.
  1) Make one of the specific requirements in the bid be something only the friend can do. Like requires a specific machine on job.   
  2) Get local bid with friend, the rest long distance bids.

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