Frank Wagoner
Frank Wagoner for City Council
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To me,  the " Issues" are reoccurring / long term problems
that the politicians love to bring up, but have no clue on how to fix.
Alleviate traffic congestion.
   "Team Puppet" solution it to form ANOTHER traffic commission.
   "Gang of three"  - continue with the current action of synchronizing the lights  
   My idea -I hope to present it to the council soon.

OC Animal Care issue. Some people are concerned we have a contract with the County to handle our city. Recently the city had attempted to open our own Animal Shelter. This turned out to not be feasible as there was no proper site available in Lake Forest. As such the city council appeared to have no other option than to go with the only available resource. 

   Team puppet states they wish to break our contract with the shelter. Problem , they appear to have no clue on what to do after they the contract. Do they plan on releasing the dogs and cats onto the streets?
When I asked their representative he said they had no location located. Another BS political promise.

   My idea - Promote existing groups that assist in rehabilitation of animals for adoption . Many people want pets as friends. Many pets want people as friends. I also would like to see some low cost of free city classes on helping people deal with pet issues. Someone should not get rid of a pet for silly correctable issues. I recently gave Team puppet councilman Jim Gardner through his favorite site a  question on dealing with cat issues. The question was ignored.

Saving taxpayers money though sound business decisions with Fiscal responsibility

    Team Me- I am against wasting money. I would love to work with the city employees to maximize our spending efficiency. I would also love to see more lake forest businesses included in bid process.  

Additional Issues NOT Mentioned in this election - Any of these bother you?

Cox cable monopoly
When I had the compleat cox package I think I remember bills of $200 or more.
If customers beg they can get a 6 month promotion to save a few $. Then it would jump up again. In some parts of Irvine, Google Fiber is offering internet a and TV for a fraction of what Cox charges us. imagine 100 mbits internet for $50 instead of Cox's option of 6 mbits for more. With Google fiber - For $70 get 1000 mbits For $130 you get 1000mbits AND TV channels.

With Cox, you are expected to pay $153 for 300mbit internet only. That is the fastest they offer according to the squirmy cox rep I spoke to. "great deal"  only 2x the price for 1/3 the speed.  At the rate for the you would pay $510 for 1000mbits w cox should they offer it.

ATT / Land line telephone company not willing to replace the bad wires in the ground.  Good luck U verse customers.

Some homeless persons around town, people with signs asking for money.

Some streets without bike lanes.  ( Actually should be handled by submitting complaint at the "Ask Lake Forest on the city website. )

Wild animals like Coyotes, skunks possums, raccoons.  I am concerned of disease's the fleas they are carrying may have.  Did the county cut funding to vector control?