If you want change, why pick the same groups, who are NOT changing?

ZERO Dollar Campaign

Apparently running for city council is expected fro cost from $1000 to $152,000 to get a $11 an hour job.

I am running a campaign with the goal of not spending any money. That way I am not in anyone's pocket, nor am I needing to get back any money I spent.

I also do not mention groups I am affiliated / volunteer with. I should not need their names to carry me to win. I will be doing the job, not them.

The most striking is the amount of money spent by an incumbent council man In a prior election /political efforts were over $500.000. Who says you cannot buy city hall.

Which candidates are spending EACH large postcard being sent to voters?

Robert Pequeno campaign sent out one set of mailers. I estimated He sent the mailers to only registered voters. Lake Forest has just under 50 thousand registered voters. with 5 districts = a little under 10 thousand per district.

So that Campaign Mailer costs around $9,300. Not counting the pictures taken, and design costs.

Plus the Yard signs at $10.77 to as low as $3.77 each. If only 20 then only $215.00 If 100 then $3770.00

Who pays for these amounts? Typically you never know until after the election then the donor paperwork is released ( a little late then )

Since he is Retired he can vote with no restrictions on anything that benefit's the sheriffs dept. He can support pay increases for his friends on the force. He can support benefit increases for his friends on the police force. Why is this a big deal?? In 2018, his benefits and pay package was valued at $281,000 according to https://openpayrolls.com/roberto-j-pequeno-79206434. And I was told this was a normal pay package for Sheriff dept Employees like him. No wonder the Police Union would want one of their own on the city council.

In 2017 Frank Wagoner violated "Gardners Law" https://patch.com/california/lakeforest-ca/bp--is-lake-forest-for-sale-part-2-election-2012 when I received 6862 votes while NOT spending any money.

My Source for mailer costs esitmate https://www.speakeasypolitical.com/pricing/

Since the campaigning is heating up. I am amazed at the amount of Mailers I have received from Larissa Clark.   I know have 3 in my hand.  

She communicated to me her and her husband are self financing.