If you want change, why pick the same groups, who are NOT changing?
The Candidates
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Follow The Money

How Much are candidates spending to get into office? the County charges candidates  $622.85 just to put a statement on a ballot.
The Future
Who is in office affects how much your cost of living gets altered. Higher taxes , higher rents.
Do you like to wear masks ??
Do you like being afraid to visit Doctor?
City Tours
While driving around the city , try to count the number of vacant / closing businesses.
If pandemic cases increase expect more businesses to close.
When contracts out services, are they actually being verified as being  completed correctly ?.

In basic concept, I see the world this way :

Person A produces a product or service Person B buys . Person B also  produces a product or service person C buys. this continue until Person A buys something from someone. Each transaction incurs a fee to the person receiving the money in the form of taxes of one or more form. The tax money then gets split with different agencies of the Government to provide services equally to the peoples within the governments jurisdiction.  The government also is responsible for making the rules everyone is to equally apply to.  It goes off the rails when you start to look into how equally is applied. 

Some people asked why I am so negative on some of the candidates running, and why I do not focus on my positive attributes.

There is a reason for that.

Prior to running for a city office, my dealing with the city consisted of me notifying the city of issues from tree down , dog in street attacking people, accident, .street caved in..... There were some issues not resolved . When i inquired further, I got some of the standard excuses " No money in the budget " or "We have to do a study on it" or "You are the 1st person to complain about this"

So, I research further and find Money being wasted while. Problems not resolved.

So,,,, I look Further, I find some city employees not doing their jobs, while there is a battle between groups to get their group of 3 in control of the city council.  2 of the other candidates in my opinion belong to one of each group.

We are in the middle of a global pandemic as defined by the leaders of most countries.  The economic implications of which are yet yo be felt.

We need people in office who can make the decisions unencumbered by their groups self interests .

I feel I have the capabilities to get the job done NOW ,      NOT 9 years to  get a crosswalk put in where an accident happened. as one of the candidates puts on their fliers.

Some people say they will only vote for a person because the Candidate had been in the military or was a sherif , or is of a certain sex.  Vote carefully,  the effects of the pandemic shutdowns may not begin to be really felt until 16 months after this thing started.  And one of the biggest items in the city budget is police services . I can see why when sheriff officers get pay / benefit packages around   1/4 million each.  While first responders are necessary,  If we cannot  afford enough of them because of constant pay increases every year while normal residents are not taking pay increases but getting pay cutbacks.

Some people think it will not affect them. Where is your retirement money stored?  Stock Market, the company you work for? What do you think will happen to its value should we enter into another shutdown? Government and people retired from the government are unaffected by this since their retirement money is guaranteed by the government who can always raise taxes to pay for it. 

I could keep going on this but you should already have an idea of what is at stake.

Candidate Comparison
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Shane Jones 38
Parent / Business Owner He has a printing  business Lived in Lake Forest since around 2002
Frank Wagoner 52
Small Business Owner Selling Computer Equipment / troubleshooting business systems Lived in Lake Forest Since around 1988 Small Business Owner Why running: to get the city to be more effective and give a normal person input to the city council. While giving input on city contracts to avoid change order requests ( those are why a 2.2 million dollar project becomes a $4 million dollar project) Qualifications: Not affiliated with any company or group ( I will not be influenced by any group for their benefit. ) Small business toolset: As a small business owner I have to be able to do the following: Accounting / bookkeeping, Inventory control, cost management, working with fixed resources, Procurement, manufacturing, Website design / setup,  ecommerce website design / setup , spreadsheet , wordprocessing , database,  Normalizing data,  presentation software usage, LAN network installation, configuration , maintenance, Data recovery,  Data Backup, information researcher, troubleshooter, photo editing, Working with customers in the following occupations: Police , Construction , Legal, Medical , Accounting, Veterinarian, programming, Stock broker, Manufacturing, Shipping company,  church, Engineering, Handyman, Cleaning company, SEO,  Insurance, Retail store, Online store,  Carpenter, plumber, Handyman, Mechanics , Auto body,  Home based, Small Business, Over the last 30 years , I have worked with over 5,000 different  programs. I also have helped millions of people without them knowing, nor me getting compensated.
Larissa Clark 46
Administrative Assistant Lived in Lake forest since around 1998 Why is she running ? According to her mailer, because she has been home owner for 21 years. Stated Qualifications: 1) Called Sheriff and reported 2 homeless groups. 2) She claims she stopped the El Toro Rd Interchange project. I thought a lot of other people were  involved. ( me included. ) I guess the others did not help only Larissa. 3) She was the only local resident to speak out at Council meetings on the Affordable housing project 1/2  mile from her house . Did she not contact the people who live near the affordable housing project? Also I do not think she succeeded. 4) She enjoys talking with neighbors 5) She volunteered on several city committees and has not missed a city council meeting since  2016. That is easy to say since they are all  online to watch. After attending that many meetings What came of it?????? I would have expected more change. She forgot to mention her name on the Recall / City Council take over attempt that cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Jeannette Nadal 23
Historian / Writer. Lived in Lake Forest since around 1987
Robert Pequeno 56
Retired Sheriff's Sergeant Lake Forest resident around  1989 then moved to Garden Grove then Mojave . then moved back to Lake Forest . IN 2018 Made Total Pay Plus Benefits $281,068.11  ( almost 1/3 of a million?) working as sheriff Sergeant??? Reason for running? "Working on a Better Tomorrow for Lake Forest" Qualifications: 1) Retired Sheriff's Sergeant I personally view it as a conflict of interest to have someone influence the city council for benefits to police over public interest. 2) US Marine Corps Veteran While I respect Vets, I do not see this as a qualification unless the city is going to war 3) Lake Forest Commissioner - Volunteered to be on a committiee that paid him to be there 4) Husband & Father. His website states he will : Protect Lake Forest from dangerous criminals Did he think he is getting a job with the sheriff dept?? Or did he get it confused with giving more pay raises to Sheriffs?   Address homelessness with both services and enforcement He did that while a police officer and we had an increase in homeless persons. Ensure District 5 gets our fair share of city services and projects If He has been already working with city council members why has he not done this already?
Even if you do not have direct interaction with politics. It affects you. First in your money by taxes being removed to spend frivolously. Then on services not up to par. To you waiting in traffic because lights are not linked to the real time data from cell phones .
City Tours
While driving around the city, see how many business there are up for lease.  Is your Gym GONE for good?
Take Pictures of the cracks in the streets that were recently slurry coated..  Or take pictures of El Toro and Rockfield corners that are surrounded by chain link fences for a long time.