If you want change, why pick the same groups, who are NOT changing?

Problems and Solutions. It is pointless to say I will fix a problem with no solution in mind

In these uncertain times, your voting choices could affect your life.

Problems and Solutions

 It is pointless when someone says:

They  will fix a problem with no solution in mind

These are just a partial list of the ones with simplest solutions.

Problem / Issue


Ambient sound from Freeway

Does the constant freeway / street noise seem louder over time?  Yes, there are more lanes, more traffic, many trees removed
Does the constant freeway / street noise seem louder over time?  Yes, there are more lanes, more traffic, many trees removed
Get freeway Sound levels at different parts of the city. Include elevated areas in 2 story houses and apts. Work with / file complaint with Caltrans. Plant trees on city green belts to help with noise. Have Caltrans Install clear sound walls near El Toro and Lake Forest exits. Clear to have less effect on the business there.  A brick wall would ruin many businesses .


When sitting in non moving traffic, think why is it not moving.

Ahead of you on the exits  many people are waiting at red lights with no cross traffic on the green lights

People are being mislead that there is nothing that can be done about traffic other than making more lanes.

I spoke to Caltrans engineers in the past on multiple times.

Traffic is strongly affected by the stop and go from red light to red light at traffic lights.

The current lights are timed based upon prior years traffic records . This will never be accurate.  It is saying they can predict where the cars will be in a year.  It is not in realtime.

Have you ever been driving and the light turns Red while there are no vehicles  crossing at the light. So you wait for the Vehicle sensor to hopefully realize a car as waiting at the red light.

4 years ago at the prior election, someone asked what could I do about traffic. 

I responded I would link the traffic lights to something like Google maps or Waze. Almost everyone has a cell phone. Google maps knows where almost every cell phone is in Realtime.  Connecting that information to the traffic lights control  would allot the system to know there a X number of cars approaching the light and to keep it Green for a few more seconds allowing them to pass.

If a driver inputted a destination address in google maps, it would be able to let drive know best route  since it is knowing when traffic lights will be triggered.

This is already being done in various cities in the US. Eventually this will be the norn.

Why is this not being implemented?

According to the people in public works the Traffic lights need to be connected with fiber optics to insure speed and reliability.

I was told at the time, there were no plans to upgrade the system by installing fiber optic cables.  I asked it they city could put in empty conduit at a predetermined depth and distance from the curb every time road construction occurs.  This would substantially decrease the cost to install Fiber Optic Cables over time.

And since it is conduit, It would be easily to add Fiber Optic wires for Residents / Business Internet usage.

While this is a logical choice, the standard choice is to have a "Traffic Committee" meet often to discuss ways to decrease traffic .

Lets get an actual solution on the table and prepare for the future.


Cox Cables Monopoly on "High Speed " internet.

While a few people state Cox is not a monopoly on internet  since At&t  telephone service and Cellular service exists.  At&t is using a cabling infrastructure from before the internet even existed. Cellular is costly, and can be unreliable. Currently Cox owns the cables in the ground so we cannot choose anyone other then Cox. Then the city should be installing conduit tubes where ever the road are dug up for street projects. then as these tubing runs are completed over time it is easy to install fiber optic lines . Then every so often we can actually have competitive bids on who provides cable service to Lake Forest  customers.
Here is what Cox offers:
Price*    Download speeds up to    Upload speeds up to
$39.99/mo.    50mbps    3 Mbps
$59.99/mo.    150    10 Mbps
$79.99/mo.    500    10 Mbps
$99.99/mo.    940    35 Mbps
 I do not think Cox infrastructure can really handle the 500mbps and 940 mbps consistently is at all for most locations.

Lets compare Google Fiber Package
Name    Starting Prices    Google Fiber Speeds
Fiber 100    $50/mo.    100Mbps
Fiber 1000    $70/mo.    1000Mbps
 WEBPASS    $60/mo.    100 Mbps to 1000 Mbps, depending on location

 I have known people who have had both and Google fiber blew away the  "same speed offered by Cox Communications. remember when dealing with Cox, they always say  "Download speeds up to" 
They tend to throttle customers speeds down since their in-fracture cannot handle the demand.
Since there is no competition, what incentive do they have to fix this?  None!!
  And a portion of your monthly bill is supposed to be allocated to future system upgrades over time. If the city was involved with ownership of the wires, the cost should be even lower to every resident of the city for internet service.

Animals like Raccoons and Opossums , skunks showing up at peoples houses

Install metal grating on the storm drains. The animals use the storm drains as a highway .  If a metal grating covers storm drain, they cannot exit to visit you. Also. please do not use rat poison, Use snap traps or similar.  When you poison rats, other animals may eat the body and die.  Two cats in my neighborhood died from that . Victor Brand wooden snap traps are better than Tomcat

How many Candidates actually state solutions ?

Almost never. That is why they are campaign promises.

My competition for this election.

One states will stop criminals, deal with homeless people. . 

He is a retired sheriff.  If he did not do that when on the job , then what are the chances of it happening when he is on the council.

Larissa Clark  states in 2019 she completed CERT training. I took and completed similar classes at Orange Coast Collage 20 years ago. I never felt a need to put it on my resume.

Larissa Clark  states she attended every city council meeting for 4 years.

She states she got a crosswalk upgraded with a  flashing light installed near her house because her daughter was hit by a car on the way home from school in 2009. the crosswalk was upgraded almost 10 years after the accident.

She DOES NOT mention she was involved with the recall attempt in 2017 recall attempts  which cost the city lots of dollars.

A couple of things come to mind

It is sad to hear a persons child is hit by a car.

I would have imagined the issue associated with her daughter was a top priority in her efforts.  BUT it TOOK almost 10 YEARS for her to accomplish her change of a lighted sidewalk. That part I find difficult to understand

 If it was me, I would have collected  PUBLICLY AVAILABLE  information on:

1) The number of children who live on that side of Rockfield

2) Traffic increase from before and after HomeDepot and the Arbors shopping centers upgraded. 

3) Accident records for all intersections along Rockfield.

4) Since there is a curve on Rockfield near that area I would have requested information on what are the speed ranges vehicles typically trave at on Rockfield. I would also have researched the stopping distances typically associated with sudden braking.

5) I would be contacting The California Office of Traffic Safety

I would have compiled this information , Submitted it to the public works dept , Then discuss what is needed to correct the crosswalk. Typically money allocation

After getting that information, I would locate any missing information, resubmit.

Following that, I would attend a board meeting with come of the local parents . I would submit my proposal to the board. Reminding them children's lives are at risk.

Depending on the outcome, I would consider filing a civil court case against the city for not protecting children.

My target time frame for completion would have been 2 years.  NOT 10 years.


That is definitely a proven track record.

 In comparison. The government issue I was involved with, while affecting at least 25% of the population of the United States took 5 years. But in my case, it was one person against the big boys.  Luckily they underestimated my use of a slingshot filled with paper. .  

Candidates appear to list accomplishments

Think about the underling action before it was embellished

Instead of listing their "accomplishments / records of community service"

I will list a few I have done in boasting style like I have seen in most political ads followed by my view of it.

1) I was a leadership Academy Graduate in 2019

Meaning- I attended a number of dinner / meetings put on by the city. department heads came in and told what they did, a few vendors attended and stated what they did. 

Prior to the "academy" I was already aware of what the departments did .

While I did find it interesting, I felt it would have been more efficient to make it web based to the entire city could watch if desired. This would make it easier to under stand how to properly report issues with the city.

2) I was trained to save people lives.   I took semester long first aid courses. emt trainees also attended these classes.

3) I replaced a dangerous sidewalk saving people from getting hurt.

I contacted the city to replace a sinking sidewalk which created a trip / slip hazard. I instructed other neighbors on who to report the issue to.  The sidewalk was replaced in  around 6 months. The old sidewalk was recycled.

4) I spoke at a number of city council meetings.  Also some of my neighbors spoke as well.

I noticed a pattern from the council members.   Common phrases "We will take that under advisement"  , "We will get back to you on that" ( I nor my neighbors have never heard back.

5) Have worked tirelessly on keeping the streets clean.


I have swept down the sidewalk in front of my house.

6) I increased a 501c3 nonprofit's revenue  60 % over last years income

What it means.

I devised and implemented  process to allow the fundraiser to continue with safety and isolation during the covid times. I helped coordinate buyers with the items being donated. I also provided movement of items.

7) I helped a homeless man get to a better place.

A man living in his Cargo truck with a trailer he was towing had a break down. This forced him to be stuck in a business center location parking area with items spread all over the place. I helped him sell some stuff and also get rid of other unneeded stuff.  With the lightened load, he was able to repair the trailer and move on to a better location down south. Doing this would allow him to get work .

8) I have Attended many training sessions in conjunction with IRWD.

Meaning I have toured many of the IRWD water processing centers. 


Candidates appear to list accomplishments

Think about the underling action before it was embellished

Vote 4 Frank 4LF Council

Remember Someone Cares what happens.

Lets all Stop Cox Monopoly as soon as possible.

Traffic Can be reduced WITHOUT widening roads.

These are Ideas that work, but are just being blocked.

Vote Yes on Frank

one of my competitors

Larissa Clark was involved with the failed recall. Only took 8 to 9 years to get a crosswalk installed near her house.  We do not have the time to wait that long when dealing with pandemic economic  ripples

other competitors

Shane Jones, Jeannette Nadal , Robert Pequeno
Lake Forest District 5 Near the 5 freeway eltoro