If you want change, why pick the same groups, who are NOT changing?

Of Course Masks will be mentioned

I have no problem with wearing a mask, BUT!!!!
What small particles are you breathing in while wearing your mask? Cotton, Plastic ( Nylon and polyester are both plastics) , Fibers of Glass? Is plastic in the body  cancerous ?

Notice the Questions  NOT asked.

Your Life or a loved ones may depend on it.
My Health insurance.
Why is it during this pandemic, I cannot go to the doctor for most anything lest then major injuries. ( which I have a big copay for. While the health insurance company has most staff not working.  I still get billed the full amount for my now partial health insurance. 

What are you INHALING from the mask itself?

Notice the Questions  NOT asked.

A normal resident should finally be on the city council.

On the Mask issue.  

In my opinion ,

A number of years ago a good friend had passed away from mesothelioma . After that, I  attended a number of trainings on being protected in environments containing toxic particles / pathogens like Mold, Asbestos, Lead, and others.

One of the biggest protections covered was masks.

I personally  believe wearing a mask would slow / hinder at least some of the normal spit particles a person emits while speaking / exhaling.

A small decrease is better than no decrease. 

I do not wear a cloth or one time use mask. I wear a reusable p100 respirator.   It is higher level than N95. I had the respirator before this whole pandemic as we were using them while working on projects.  They do get difficult to breath in when used for extended periods of time.

  I have concerns on WHAT the masks people are using ARE MADE OF. 

Think about it

Questions that come to mind

A) How much articles break away from the mask and are inhaled into the lungs?

B) What are the particles / what is the affect on long term health?  I would hate to discover  I got lung cancer from wearing a mask.

D) Some high filtration masks are made from fine strands of glass or plastic fused together to make a mesh. If these masks are bent / crushed / scrubbed very hard then used.  Imagine breathing in glitter dust willfully.

E)  Are masks people ordering from overseas actually safe?  Is any government Agency Looking into this?   I think there is , and as typical, has no funding nor authority.  The only warnings I typically see are  " Do not buy counterfeit masks"  I have never seen a counterfeit product with labeling stating it was counterfeit .   I have not seen any notices " Factory X" discovered making bad masks if you have them do not use the, .

Personally I would rather risk the virus than use a mask that is suspect.   I am not in any rush to breathe in cancer causing plastic particles.

F) Is it safe to breathe in small glass fibers? according to the CDC it is not safe. you would need N95 or better filtering .  To my understanding depending on the size of the particle, it either gets eventually coughed out OR if very tiny, may be carried away from the lungs by the blood. But if in a certain size range, it gets stuck,  eventually scar tissue forming around it. Hopefully that eventually gets coughed out.

G) And my biggest question, the most important one:  While you are buying anything that qualifies as a mask regardless of questionability of its safety,

Is there actually a significant number of QUALITY  masks being mass produced?

I get it that first responders are important, BUT it has been 6 months now and better filtering masks are still restricted.  After 6 months, there should have been more factories made / converted. Had they taken 10 percent of the "stimulus money" and put it towards better mask factories , we would probably have no problems getting proper reusable masks by now.  

If the political parties were to put the massive amounts of money spent on campaigning into making or upgrading existing factories to make proper masks we could have had a hundred factories making them.  While people cannot even visit friends . While people cannot get or is difficult to arrange medical checkups ( annual cancer screenings  ...) While people cannot be there when a loved one passed, and then little to no funeral

Is it because BOTH the political parties are so focused in tho gets or remains in control they ignore the normal people?

I know 3 people who have died after contracting the disease . Just because you may not know someone who has died from it does not mean it is not deadly to some others. 2 of the people died within 1 week of contracting it.  The third one died 1 1/2 month after contracting it.

___________________________________I would love to get many questions answered while being on city hall.  And I do have many answers to correct the issues.